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Rafter U7 Ranch Footings Program

Find your solid ground.

Are you held back from living the life you want? Feel stuck? Or maybe it just feels hollow?


Footings is a program designed to explore your mental health/wellness foundation. Who are you? What is your temperament? What are the values written on your heart? What happens when you take a step out of your comfort zone? And what do you uniquely need to regain your footing when you fall?


Explore and discover who you are when not driven by the “shoulds” of your past.


And no better provider of safety and challenge than the horses to call you on the truth of who you are with compassion.

It is with the awarenesses gained through the Footings experiences that a person is better prepared to more fully step into their work, home and play, and have confidence and knowledge to move through hard things.


We can only begin to experience a sense of wholeness when we have gained the footing to do so.

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