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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a rodeo bullfighter?

This is the closes you will get without having to fight an animal yourself!

This ONE OF A KIND experience will get you up close and personal with real life RODEO animals and the professionals who engage with them. This is NOT a traditional bullfighting school, and no engagement in fighting live cattle is necessary. Fighting live animals is NOT required.

The event is hands on, exciting and social! Cap your event off with some country cooking and socializing with your friends while you enjoy locally raised and produced food.


And why should adults have all the fun? NEW for 2020, is the Youth Ultimate Bull Fighting Experience!  

What could be better than that!? Email Brett for more info!

BIG NEWS! Youth ages 7-15 can now join the fun!

Keep scrolling to check out the video...


This ADRENALINE filled package of authentic western experience includes:

  • hands on simulation training

  • animal handling education

  • live animal handling

  • a live show from real professional bullfighters

  • an opportunity to get in the ring and try your hand at rodeo bullfighting*

And just because you aren't an adult doesn't mean you can't learn about bullfighting and the world of extreme sports! The Youth Ultimate Bull Fighting Experience allows kids between the ages 7-15 get an up close and personal look inside the world of rodeo bull fighting through processes that professional's have developed.

Email Brett today for more information!

* additional fee and safety assessment required

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