Rafter U7 Ranch Youth Program

The Rafter U7 Ranch Youth Program combines equine therapy and agriculture experiences for a more dynamic experience for growth and connection. At our ranch, we believe that learning happens through experience. When you smell a farm, see and touch the animals, are involved in their care, the meaning of the learning deepens. It goes beyond words, diagrams and videos to learning that is integrated throughout all of the senses.

Half of the day will be spent engaging in the Equine Youth Program, that has been run for the past 5 years by Angie Payne of Equine Enrichment, and Amy Monea of Heard Wellness Through Horses. The focus of the program is on mental health and wellness. Learn how to slow down and hear the feedback from a horse. What might they tell you about what is happening for you? About how you lead? Who you are?

The other half of the day will involve experiences for learning about where food comes from. Follow and engage in the care of an animal throughout the school year season, work through the decisions for feed and veterinary care, the foundation for farming and ranching, and most food production – the soil. Get your own hands in the dirt and start growing some of your own food yourself.

The program involves one full day per month from October to June (excluding December). 


It has become incredibly important to connect with ourselves and what nourishes both our souls and our bodies. The Rafter U7 Ranch Youth Program brings together both aspects in a year long discovery of self and sustenance on a beautiful ranch nestled in Alberta's foothills.

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